Inflatables for young and old children!

Our first water park is located just 37 kilometers from the center of Thessaloniki, in the beach of Epanomi called Potamos, and offers you all the amenities that a quality vacation requires. The Beach bars located right next door offer young and old refreshing drinks for the hot days of summer, while at the same timeat a distance of less than 600 meters you will find 2 excellent taverns with rich menus and wonderful flavors.

Potamos beach is characterized by unique crystal clear waters in a vast expanse of sand, which essentially creates a cape, while it is also known for its famous beauty of shipwreck that is only a few minutes away and we would definitely suggest you to visit it.

 In this fantastic spot that is just a breath away from Thessaloniki we chose to create our first water park, with inflatables for young and old children who want to enjoy the sea and play, while at the same time their parents feel confident, as their safety is ensured by an experienced and specialized staff of lifeguards.

Wanting to offer you excellent service in all areas, at the facilities of Palm3 Waterpark which is based in Chalkidiki and Epanomi you will find a POS terminal for payment, as well as people who are always willing to answer any question about the games, the safety rules, and suggest also interesting places and attractions in the area.

Endless hours of game

Waterpark Potamos Epanomi


Potamos Beach, Epanomi


6980153914 (Tsipouridou Konstantina),
6978550774 (Katerina Tsipouridou)


Monday-Sunday: 10:00 -20: 00

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